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"Madeleine is far more professional, responsive, thorough, and diligent than other executive recruiters we have used. I was always kept up to speed through the process, and the preparation package for each candidate was extremely complete. Furthermore, the professional manner taken by Madeleine reflected very positively on our company, and was highlighted to me by several candidates. The quality of candidates was outstanding, and their reference checks were always very thorough. Most of all, Madeleine took the time to really understand the company, the position to be filled, and the profile we were seeking in the candidates."

"Madeleine gives much more effort than the other firms. She is a fast learner. She is great at follow-up and professionalism. She is totally client-driven and totally focused. She recruited absolutely the best candidate and this was a huge win! I learned a lot during the search, and her recruit was the perfect candidate."

"Thanks for all of the effort--both successful and rewarding-you were committed to getting the stretch candidate--you are one of the only recruiters--who pushes back on second-tier candidates."

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